Bubbles In The Wind

I caught the very end of the May Faire at the Live Oak Waldorf School. Bill was making large bubbles and then Jeff showed me his thumb piano while Kim’s daughter and her friend were playing in the wind with the trees. I added some tracks to Jeff’s thumb piano and here is this little poem. If I had been there for the whole faire, it sure would have been nice….but at least we have this.

[jwplayer config=”Out-of-the-Box_852x480″ file=”https://matthewpeak.com/wp-content/uploads/videos/LOW_MayFair2012-1-desktop.m4v” image=”https://matthewpeak.com/wp-content/uploads/videos/LOW_MayFair2012-1-poster.jpg” html5_file=”https://matthewpeak.com/wp-content/uploads/videos/LOW_MayFair2012-1-desktop.m4v” download_file=”https://matthewpeak.com/wp-content/uploads/videos/LOW_MayFair2012-1-desktop.m4v”]