CD Covers

Lalo Schifrin – CD cover


Jean-Michel Bernard plays Lalo Schifrin CD cov Original art, pastel, charcoal and gouache on board 32×32 in.

To Kill A Mockingbird – “Scout’s Tire”


18 x 24 in. Graphite on paper – SOLD, limited Edition available Created for and used on soundtrack CD cover.

K2 – CD cover


Music Inspired By The Film K2. Hans Zimmer composer. Original art: 32×34 in. pastel and watercolor on board,

Titanic – CD cover


Titanic And Other Film Scores of James Horner, CD also includes Apollo 13, Braveheart, Star Trek, Aliens and more. Original oil painting 24×24 in.

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? – CD cover


Original oil painting 36×36 in.

Movie Memories – CD cover


A Golden Age Revisited.

Peyton Place – CD cover


Original oil painting 36×36 in.

Cruel Intentions – CD cover


Music Inspired by the Film Cruel Intentions. Composer John Ottman. Original art”Blue Bitch” 32 x 40 in mixed media on board.

Rich in Love – CD cover


I painted the movie poster for this film which was used on the soundtrack.

Days of Wine and Roses – CD cover


Original pastel “When Love’s Away” art 19×24 in.

A Nightmare On Elm Street – CD covers

I did the movie posters for the first 5 films of the franchise. Freddy’s Dead was commissioned by the record company for the score release.

Rebecca – CD cover


I did 4 paintings for this recording.

Alex North’s 2001 – CD cover


Original painting “Eternal Recurrence” 54×54 in oil on canvas.

An Unfinished Life – CD cover


CD cover art for Christopher Young’s score for the film “An Unfinished Life” starring Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman, and Jennifer Lopez.

The Twilight Zone – CD cover


I did 2 paintings for this record “Eye of The Beholder” (cover) and “The Lonley” for the back.

Picture Bride – CD cover


Original art, pastel on paper.

The High and The Mighty – CD cover


I did 2 paintings for this CD, both are oil on panel and inspired by the John Wayne film the album was titled after.

The 3 Worlds of Gulliver – CD cover


Original painting, 36×36 in. oil on panel.

A Streetcar Named Desire – CD cover


Original art, 32×40 in. pastel on board.

Cherry 2000 – CD cover


Artwork created and used for original movie poster.

Blood & Thunder – CD cover


Original painting, 36×48 oil on canvas.

Vertigo – CD cover


Original art, 32×32 in pastel and gauche on board.

Back In Time…1985 At The Movies


The 1980s were a fun, exciting time in pop culture … and especially at the movies! 1985 in particular was a cultural lynchpin for a whole generation. We traveled through time in Back to the Future, hunted for treasure with The Goonies

Romeo & Juliet – CD cover


Original painting 36×36 in. oil on canvas, Varese Sarabande Collection.

Sunset Boulevard – CD cover


Gloria Swanson. Original painting 36×36 in. oil on panel, Varese Sarabande Collection.

Last Of The Mohicans – CD cover


Daniel Day Lewis and Madeline Stowe. Original painting 36×36 in. oil on panel, Varese Sarabande Collection.

Seth MacFarlane – HOLIDAY for SWING

Final cover art painting, 38 x 38 oil on panel I’m so glad to be part of Seth MacFarlane’s latest record, Holiday For Swing! Once again arranged and produced by the great Joel McNeely, and features duets with Sara Bareilles and Norah Jones.

Seth MacFarlane album cover

Music Is Better Than Words is the debut album by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. The album was produced and conducted by film and television composer Joel McNeely, who is also…

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