A Meadow for Joel

A Meadow for Joel, 24 x 48 in. oil on panel. SOLD

Meadow for Joel, a composer’s solice commissioned painting for film composer Joel McNeely’s 50th birthday. Joel’s wife wanted something very personal and special for this occasion and me just making up a landscape that Joel could have in his studio was the perfect answer!

Joel has composed scores for the films: Tinkerbell, Cinderella III, Pooh’s Heffelump Movie, I Know Who Killed Me, Holes, Iron Will as well as co-scoring Air Force One with the great Jerry Goldsmith. Joel’s website: www.joelmcneely.com

I have done many album covers to recordings Joel has conducted and arranged including Seth MacFarlane’s first two albums, “Music is Better Than Words”, and “Holiday for Swing”. And have traveled to Scotland with him to photograph recording sessions with the RSNO.