A Meadow for Joel

Meadoe for Joel, by Matthew Joseph Peak

A Meadow for Joel, 24 x 48 in. oil on panel. SOLD

Meadow for Joel, a composer’s solice commissioned painting for film composer Joel McNeely’s 50th birthday. Joel’s wife wanted something very personal and special for this occasion and me just making up a landscape that Joel could have in his studio was the perfect answer!

Joel has composed scores for the films: Tinkerbell, Cinderella III, Pooh’s Heffelump Movie, I Know Who Killed Me, Holes, Iron Will as well as co-scoring Air Force One with the great Jerry Goldsmith. Joel’s website: www.joelmcneely.com


Promise Me

Promise Me, oil on panel, 24×48 in. SOLD

Limited Edition Giclee – 15×29 in, edition of 45, starting price $165. PURCHASE INFO

This painting was inspired and painted under the influence of Jerry Goldsmith’s “Promise Me” track from his score First Knight.

The owner built a library edition to their Santa Barbara home that designed around the painting!

Satie’s Gymnopedies

Satie’s Gymnopedies, pastel in board, 32×40 in. SOLD

Inspired by French composer Erik Satie’s piano composition “Gymnopedies” (naked feet). Ever since I was a little kid this music put me in a dreamy state. One of my absolute favs.

Available as a note card